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Sunday, July 25, 2004

my dialog interview for my final project

Part 1
We are here in Kuwait University at showaikh with Dr Bader Al-Eisa, chairman of Sociology & Social Affairs Department. Today we are going to talk about the effects of watching TV violence on Kuwaiti children.

Atharee: Hello, doctor. How are you today?

Dr Ali: Good.

Atharee: how’s everything?

Dr Ali: everything is good

Atharee: By the way doctor I already introduce my self to you earlier my name is Atharee. I’m doing a research on the effects of TV violence on children in Kuwait for my project presentation for English 162 and I’m going to ask you some questions regarding this issue.

Atharee: From what I found from other foreign researchers that there are three main effects from watching too many TV violence on children but these researches are based on certain children from certain countries, but what I want to ask you are these effects similar to the effects that is happening to our children here in Kuwait despite are differences between those countries traditions and our traditions and nationalities?

Dr Bader: they get the same effects and this is international its not just for certain people and certain countries, if they are affected in the states they get the same effects in Kuwait.

Atharee: What the rates of children who watch a lot of TV violence in Kuwait this year? Since 1993 65% of children reported watching violent programs related to the invasion of Iraq on Kuwait.

Dr Bader: I don’t really have rates and numbers but in my hunch the amount is getting bigger since there are so many resources now for kids to see violence the more resources the more high percentages of violent kids

Part 2
Atharee: what are the reasons that make children feel afraid from the world around them when they watch violence on TV

Dr Bader: Might I add? They get unsecured when they see violence on TV it depends like for instant when the father is hitting the mother and the children seeing this so when they see in programs about families that the husband is hitting his wife then these kids who is watching these kind of programs they get unsecured cause their father is doing the same?

Atharee: what are the reasons that make children really aggressive to other people?

Dr Bader: they think that if they would act this way they would get respect from people cause they believe that if they have the power and then they have the strength to do these things they want also it depends on how the TV programs treat these kind of people (characters) in the program if they are given high position in the society or they get respect from the people so they (children) will try to act like them (characters) so they will get the same reaction, feelings and they do this kind of reaction to get respect from the people like for example if they would hit my friends, my wife, your mother and your father so I would be afraid of them so to give them a position in the society or in the family.

Atharee: why do children sometimes act insensitive towards others pain when they see a lot of violence on TV?

Dr Bader: kids they always whenever they see programs on TV they would think that the real world is like this

Part 3
Atharee: what are the main causes of children having these effects when they watch violence on TV

Dr Bader: When they see programs about kids like for instants Disney channels these programs are for family and kids but some of these channels have violence in their cartoons. Cartoons do have violence and these kind of programs are made just for kids and they have violence in it and it effects them more than other programs for premature people I mean you see for instants you can see cartoons like Popeye it all contains a lot of violence and children watch these kinds of cartoons then they would be directly affected on them more than other programs.

Atharee: what would be your recommendation towards the government or the Kuwaiti comity to avoid these effects for the future benefits of our new generation of Kuwaiti children?

Dr Bader: since now in our globalization have more medias in every television has more than a hundred television channels but the solutions depends on the family how they control their children watching these programs and the time they’ll spend what they should see and what they shouldn’t see as a government and society have a role but the main role is on the family, they have to control their children and be with them and explain to them what they should see and why they should see like this? The family have a big role this is a big assignment for them even the family they don’t the whole time to sit with their kids its not just now on the TV there is the internet

Atharee: Don’t you think the government should have a bigger role in this issue like applying rules and lows?

Dr Bader: You cant put on rules if people are using satellites when you put a lot of rules it could be aggravated by people and rules never made life much easy it just help parents watch over their kids 

p.s: if your more interested about my interview you can visit my file in listen to my interview with Dr Bader Al-Eisa

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The negative effects of television on children

Thesis:Television is a great entertainment tool for many children; however, it could affect them negatively, causing serious health and social problems. According to a study by two American researchers, watching a lot of TV could lead to low reading scores, obesity, waste of time, psychological issues and poor physical fitness. Therefore, parents should set some limits on the amount of time spent on TV and kinds of programs their children watch, The government should not allow violent TV shows or other programs that could influence children and make them aggressive.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Romans civilization

Thesis: some people neglect the importance of learning the history of other civilizations, like the history of ancient Romans, which could help them increase their knowledge and experiences about life.this can be done by Studying the technologies, practical skills, and other ways used by some successful, old cultures, in attempt to learn more from their mistakes or low points and try to avoid them. This can help modern societies improve their purposes in life & would lead to peace, purity, and happiness in the world.

Monday, June 14, 2004

my letter to the world

hello world...
my name is athare a student in kuwait university & this is my second semister in the mayjor is computer science.i really love to learn more new things about computers & the internet.this is my first blog;i created it to be my electronic note book for EFS 162/53 through out this semister & i hope i will learn more from this new experience of studies.i really recommend this new way of learning & i wish others will follow up with this new experience.if u have any comments at all please feel free to express it & thank you.

atharee al-awadhi